1. What is ETHA Lend?

ETHA Lend is a yield optimizer that abstracts the complexity in DeFi to provide algorithmically optimal yields. The protocol is currently powered by the Polygon network.

2. What is a yield optimizer?

A yield optimizer is an automated protocol that aims to gain maximum returns on users' assets. Yield optimizer can offer higher returns much more efficiently than maximizing yields manually, thus reducing the load and risk on the end-user part.

ETHA Lend as a DeFi yield optimizer hosts its own eVaults. Each eVault has its own unique strategy for optimal yields. Traditionally a user will have to constantly reinvest their assets on several different protocols, compare and find the best opportunities every day and over. But with a yield optimizer, the rewards given out from the users' assets are reinvested into the liquidity pool. This compounds the profit received and increases the amount of assets that the yield was originally based on. A yield optimizer like ETHA Lend, thanks to its 700X faster discovery algorithm, can repeat this process over thousand times a day.

This is the fundamental reason behind the APYs found on ETHA Lend being so huge! A complex concept that ETHA Lend has made a reality but with the simplest and most elegant user interface for higher inclusive of all user and asset classes.

3. What is APY?

APY is the annual percentage yield offered on a particular investment. The yield considers the compound interest, thereby offering the most accurate breakdown on users' returns compared to simple interest.

4. Why do I see such high APYs on ETHA Lend currently?

As seen on ETHA Lend currently, large APYs in the percentage of thousands are possible with strategies that provide daily yields. Due to your liquidity pool rewards being constantly allocated in high opportunities thanks to our discovery algorithm, the interest compounds on larger and larger amounts!

5. How can I find out how much earnings I have accumulated?

You can use the highly intuitive dashboard created for our users' pure convenience – The "My Portfolio" Page.

The My Portfolio page will show all the key elements for higher awareness of your assets and investments, including:

  • Invested assets

  • Uninvested assets

  • Total invested

  • Total Earnings

  • Net worth

6. How can I find out how much earning I have accumulated in ETHA tokens?

  1. Got to your "My Portfolio" Page!

  2. Navigate to the "Invested Assets" Section

  3. Click on the "Claim" button on any of the assets

  4. An "Investment" pop-up will appear

  5. You will see your ETHA rewards under the "Amount" tab!

If you want to check your earnings in ETHA tokens as protocol rewards, you can follow this route down below: