How To Acquire and Setup an Unstoppable Domain?

We announced our partnership with Unstoppable Domains (UD) a few weeks back!

Once users purchase a domain via UD, they have absolute control over that domain. Domains can be transferred, updated, and linked to other services completely without Unstoppable Domains’ involvement. Unstoppable Domains cannot deactivate, change, or transfer a domain’s records without a user’s permission.

This approach stands in stark contrast to traditional domain systems where takedowns and seizures are a fact of life. This is a bold approach, but we believe complete decentralization is the only way to guarantee censorship resistance, irrevocable access, and permanent ownership for our users.

Haven’t gotten yourself an Unstoppable domain yet? Well, you can easily get one now with this easy-to-follow and detailed guide! Welcome to Web 3 and its wonders!

Step 1:

On your browser, hop on to, and click on the “Sign Up/Login” tab to start creating an account. (Figure1, Figure2)

Figure 1

Step 2:

Once you have successfully logged into the website, you can start searching for an Unstoppable domain of your choice. Once you type in your choice of prefix for the domain and hit enter, several “.extension” choices will appear (for example: .x or .crypto or .wallet, etc.) After choosing the option you like, hit the “Add to cart” tab. (Figure 3)

Figure 3

Step 3:

You will be given several options to pay for the domain on the Checkout screen. Choose the one most convenient to you. (Figure 4)

Step 4:

Once the transaction is confirmed and successful, go to the “My Domains” tab to view your purchased domain. (Figure 5)

Figure 5

Step 5:

Now, it's time to mint your domain!

*Why do I need to mint my domain? Minting is the process of registering a domain onto the blockchain via your crypto wallet to gain full custody of the domain you just got. This means that nobody else has control over it except you, the domain’s rightful owner. This is what makes the domain truly decentralized. Once minted, neither Unstoppable Domains nor any other entity will be able to make changes to the domain or take it back from you.

Please click on the “Free Mint” button to mint your domain. (Figure 6)

Figure 6

Step 6:

When you click on the “Free Mint” tab, a pop-up will appear, sharing some vital instructions for the minting process. Once you’ve read all the instructions, hit “Continue” to proceed further. (Figure 7)

Figure 7

Step 8:

The minting process involves a few sub-steps. First, you need to connect to a crypto wallet. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency wallet. For this example, we’ll be choosing MetaMask. (Figure 8)

Step 9:

To establish a connection and verify the ownership of your account, confirm your email by clicking on the “Send Verification Code” tab (Figure 9)

Figure 9

You will receive a confirmation code in your email, enter the code and hit “Confirm”(Figure 10)

Figure 10

Step 10:

Choose the wallet address you wish to proceed with and confirm the transaction. (Figure 11, Figure 12)

Figure 11
Figure 12

Step 11:

The minting has now begun. You can track the minting process. (Figure 13)

Figure 13

Once you hit on the “Track Progress” tab, it will take you to the “My Transaction” page, showing you the transaction status. (Figure 14)

Figure 14

Step 12:

Once the transaction is successful, hop on to the ”My Domains” page. Here you will see your newly minted, truly decentralized and supercharged, literally unstoppable domain! (Figure 15)

Figure 15

Step 13:

Now comes the exciting bit! Accessing ETHA Lend with your very own unstoppable domain.

First, hop on to, if you are an existing user of the protocol or actively accessing the protocol via MetaMask directly, then you need to first “Logout” to access the protocol via the new domain. (Figure 16)

Figure 16

If you are a new user, or an existing user who has logged out, click on the “Create Wallet” tab to proceed further. (Figure 17)

Figure 17

Step 14:

A pop will appear, giving you options to choose a route to access the protocol. If you wish to log in via your unstoppable domain, select “Unstoppable” (Figure 18)

Figure 18

Step 15:

A window will appear asking you to enter your Unstoppable domain name. Once you enter the domain, click on “Continue” to proceed. (Figure 19)

Step 16:

Connect your preferred crypto wallet and authorize the transaction. For this example, we choose MetaMask. (Figure 20)

Figure 20

Step 17:

Click on Connect (Figure 21)

Figure 21

Step 18:

Click on “Sign” (Figure 22)

Figure 22

Congratulations! You are now connected to the protocol with your unique domain! Yield enhancing on ETHA Lend just got unstoppable! (Figure 23)

Figure 23

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