How to provide liquidity on QuickSwap?

1. Head over to the “Pool” Section on QuickSwap (Figure1.)

2. Click on the “Add Liquidity” button (Figure2.)

3. An “Add liquidity” window will appear, wherein you have to add the ETHA contract address as shown in (Figure3. & Figure4.)

4. In the second tab, insert the second asset of your choice to create a liquidity pair. Here we are using the ETHA-MATIC pair as an example (Figure5.)

5. Key in the amount you want to provide as liquidity in the two “Input” columns or click on the “MAX” label next to one of the assets to select all. The numbers inserted are for illustration purposes only (Figure6.)

6. If it’s your first time interacting with any asset on QuickSwap, you have to approve the spend, as shown in the example below to approve both ETHA and USDT (Figure7.)

7. After approving the assets, the approve buttons will disappear, and the “Supply” button will not be greyed out anymore. Click to provide the liquidity (Figure8.)

8. You will see a confirmation screen with the details of the transactions, click on the “Confirm Supply” button to authenticate the transaction (Figure9.)

9. A MetaMask pop-up will appear asking you to authenticate the transaction. Click on “Confirm” to authenticate the transaction and proceed further (Figure10.)

10. Another pop-up may appear while the transaction is being processed (Figure11.)

11. After successfully providing liquidity, the amount of LP tokens will be shown at the bottom of the screen (Figure-12.)

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