ETHA Smart Wallet

1. What is the ETHA Smart Wallet?

ETHA Smart Wallet is a non-custodial wallet with unique features that help our users save up on a significant amount of gas fees down the line.

Users need to create their ETHA Smart wallet when they interact with the protocol for the first time. This process is essential but required only and only once. Users do not have to pay for approval/authenticate/allow transactions while visiting new dApps, and protocols (that they haven't visited before). This mechanism is purely designed to help users save up on gas fees, which is a lot of savings after a considerable amount of interactions in time. This eliminates redundancy by saving the users time and effort making repetitive transactions making their experience highly efficient and intuitive!

Since it is a non-custodial wallet, users have complete control over their assets. Via the ETHA Smart wallet, users can make multiple transactions with different assets all at once. In fact, our wallet does it all for you. Furthermore, users can delegate their ETHA Smart Wallet to others for a more intuitive and accessible experience!

2. What is a non-custodial wallet?

ETHA Smart Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that means you can only access your asset (only you, not even the ETHA team or anyone else). You are in FULL control, always!

3. How to create your own ETHA Smart Wallet?

Follow the guide here – GUIDE LINK.

4. What Can I do with ETHA Smart Wallet?

Take advantage of our protocol's present and future functionalities, including the eVaults, staking, liquidity mining, lending-borrowing, credit delegation; you can also access DEXs such as Uniswap. Moreover, you can hold, Swap, or Store your assets! Tap into the broader DeFi pasture with just one wallet. We did paint a better picture for you on the potential of ETHA Smart Wallet – Read here!

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