Revenue Model


There is a 0.1% fee on withdrawal and a 17% performance fee on yield.

The fee model exists to maintain the smooth flow of the ecosystem and to prevent possible exploitation from bad-faith actors.

Lending Market

There is a 0.15% fee on withdrawals


Performance Fees - Utility

The fees generated are then redirected to the ETHA Lend Treasury Box. Performance fees, allocated to the platform’s treasury box can be used for varied purposes such as engaging external audits, community engagement, marketing, and team development.

Withdrawal Fees - Utility

A percentage of the withdrawal fees is being used to buy back $ETHA tokens to possible be burnt in the future reducing the max supply of the $ETHA continually, thereby benefiting all $ETHA holders and liquidity providers.

A percentage of vault fees from cross-chain in the future will be used to reward $ETHA stakers who stakeir their $ETHA tokens on a specific vault strategy on a specified network.

There are no deposit fees for any of the protocol product synergies thus contributing to maximum cost efficiency for our users in the long term, so the number of tokens your deposit is maintained the second after. That amount should increase over time as the strategy generates rewards.

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