Core Products


Are strategies that automatically generate yields based on the most optimal opportunities present on the market. eVaults benefits users by socializing gas costs in synergy with the ETHA Smart Wallet, automating yield generation, on-chain data analytics, and rebalancing process. End users do not have to have the DEGEN knowledge of the underlying protocols or of DeFi in general to access these opportunities, thus eVaults represent an impeccable passive-wealth generation strategy.

Liquidity Markets (leveraged lending-borrowing!)

After the eVault, ETHA Lends lending-borrowing optimizer is the most second most powerful product offering. The functionality completely optimizes the interest accrual process for the end-users to ensure they are obtaining the most optimal interest rates (for lenders) and sustainable liquidity conditions (for borrowers). The lending-borrowing market remedies the DeFi liquidity trilemma of visualization, optimization, and execution. More details on the market on the Liquidity Markets page!

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