Yield Optimizer

The ETHA Lend Yield optimizer API v1 is a discovery API that factors into calculation the latest gas cost, the volatility of the asset's yield and past yield (currently up to 30 days), and the supplied amount, in order to determine the optimal asset allocation.‌

What does the discovery algorithm do?

It calculates the optimal way to allocate an asset, across DeFi protocols in order to maximize your earnings.

How does it work?

In the current iteration, the discovery algorithm factors in the latest gas cost (fetched from Chainlink oracle), the volatility of the asset’s current and past yield (currently up to 30 days), and the supplied to determine the optimal asset allocation.

The volatility timeframe is configurable but will use the most recent data by default at launch.

The algorithm provides a cost-effective balance of highly volatile and stable yield, while eliminating cost inefficiencies, caused by gas cost. Since the algorithm takes into consideration the amount a liquidity provider supplies, smaller LP’s can benefit from it as well.