Lending Market

1. What is ETHA Lending Market?

ETHA Lending Market is another key component of the protocol. Our lending market retrieves data from the broader DeFi lending markets to offer the best yields for lenders. In addition, we use our own hybrid supply rate model and discovery algorithm to provide users with high yields on their deposits, protect users' funds from the fluctuating hourly APY and offer a highly consolidated lending experience.

2. Why Should I Lend instead of selling my assets?

Selling your assets means closing in your position on that particular asset forever. Hence, you would not derive from the potential upside value gain if you are long on the asset. However, by lending, you can obtain that upside advantage while enjoying the interests and protocol rewards and leveraging new investment opportunities!

3. What makes the ETHA Lending Market so unique?

The ETHA Lending market employs a hybrid lending rate model. We are all aware that the supply rate is one of the most important factors that drive the DeFi lending market. The supply rate is also an extremely volatile element. E.g., the supply rate for DAI on AAVE fluctuates anywhere between 4% to 13% throughout the day. This creates a very volatile or unstable condition for lenders and borrowers. In order to reduce the impact of short-term volatility on the discovery algorithm output, we implemented the following formula: 1/24 * rate_24_hours_ago + 2/24 * rate_23_hours_ago + … + 24/24 * rate current. This is a perfect configuration to protect our users from a volatile market and provides a more consolidated lending curve.

4. What are the current pools in the ETHA Lending Market?

There are four pools in the current ETHA Lending Market, including MATIC, DAI, USDT, USDC, wBTC, and wETH pools.

5. How much will I earn?

Each asset holds its own supply and demand market with its own specific APY (Annual Percentage Yield), which evolves over time. You can find more data on the reserve overview and returns on each asset on the Lending Market section of the protocol.

6. How can you deposit in either of the lending pools?

  • Once you select the pool you want to interact with, click on "Invest."

  • Once you are on the yield optimization page, you can either invest from your "ETHA Smart Wallet Balance" or "From your web 3 balance."

  • Once the desired amount has been entered, click on the "Invest" tab

  • Viola, you are done! Now sit back and watch your returns grow every single day!

7. Is there a minimum or maximum amount to make deposits?

You can deposit any amount you desire; there is no maximum or minimum limit.

8. Are there any deposit fees?

There are no deposit fees required to interact with the Lending Market. Users only need to pay a tiny gas fee to authenticate their transactions. This fee is near-zero, thanks to Polygon.

9. What is the volatility timeframe feature for?

When you are investing in the ETHA Lending market, after adding the total amount of assets you wish to invest and before you click on "INVEST," make sure to scroll down! You will find the volatility timeframe box. The element delivers an integrated and seamless experience for you and plays a crucial role in offsetting volatility on your assets.

10. How do I withdraw?

To withdraw, go to the "My Portfolio" Page. Then go to the "Invested Assets" Section. You will see all your assets there; click on "Withdraw." There, a pop-up will appear, select the amount to withdraw, and click on the "Withdraw" tab.

11. How do I Claim my returns?

To claim your returns, go to the "My Portfolio" Page. Then go to the "Invested Assets" Section. You will see all your assets there; click on "Claim." There, a pop-up will appear, select the amount to Claim, and click on the "Claim" tab.

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