Powered by the Polygon POS Chain: The ETHA Lend ecosystem is deployed on the Polygon network, where it interacts with the broader DeFi market and its existing protocol for yield optimization. Polygon lends us to leverage the benefit of high scalability, near-zero gas fees, and a rapidly growing ecosystem for our users.

Non-custodial: Assets on the protocol are deposited and deployed automatically via smart contracts. Users always maintain 100% ownership of their funds and can retrieve them at any time desired. This feature is best reflected in the ETHA Wallet, a non-custodial wallet that batches transactions allowing users to have control over their assets at all times. It is also reflected in the fact that there is no lock-up period on users’ investment and they are free to withdraw their deposits at any time desired.

Censorship Resistance: On ETHA Lend, users can always interact with the underlying smart contracts directly which are immutable and fundamentally cannot be tampered with or taken down.

Simple, Elegant, and Easy-to-use interface: The protocol’s user interface was designed to provide seamless user onboarding. On click deposits, withdrawals as well as reward claim mechanism, intuitive portfolio tracking, tooltips for best guidance, and miscellaneous metrics. The interface is designed to eliminate redundancies and facilitates cost and operational efficiencies.

Interoperable Protocol: The protocol can be easily upgraded to integrate the new DeFi protocols and universally interact with them to maximize yields.

Algorithmically Asset Allocation: The protocol algorithmically optimizes asset allocation across DeFi protocols. The discovery algorithm plays a key role, as it factors in the volatility of the past and present yield, and budget of assets supplied to allocate assets in under a second for any sum of asset supply.

Portfolio Rebalancing: This feature allows users to optimize their asset allocation by triggering the rebalancing feature to further maximize earnings.

Why use ETHA Lend?

While there are a few yield optimizers out on the market to choose from, the constant iteration has led to even more complexities than before. ETHA Lend is uniquely positioned as a pioneering ecosystem to scout out the most promising yields, build partnerships and bring the most rewarding opportunities to our users. The development team strives every day; pushing the extents of the DeFi envelope, automation, and progressive decentralization to craft ever-evolving and exciting strategies. We bridge innovation with battle-tested existing marketplace options.

  • ETHA Lend is the product-market fit for a true set and forget experience.

  • Long-term usage can easily demonstrate the cost efficiency, and operational efficiency of the protocol as well as its highly rewarding nature.

  • The protocol and its features are highly gas cost-efficient inherently and even more so thanks for the deployment on Polygon.

  • Yields are super boosted thanks to underlying strategies created by the ETHA team for users to enjoy high and sustainable rewards.

ETHA Lend also offers several benefits. First, our users do not have to deal with the hassle of compounding their yields manually. When you factor in the prohibitive nature of high gas costs, you don’t have to wake up at odd hours of the night or spend your precious time finding acceptable gas fees opportunities since the protocol is already ultra gas optimized thanks to features like our ETHA Wallet and the deployment on Polygon.

In their current iteration of our eVault strategies, our users’ principle investment is earning stable coin yield, volatile asset yields as well as protocol rewards in ETHA tokens.

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